6-Day Capacity Building Training on Appreciative Inquiry Concludes

Adhyeta International (AI) facilitated a 6-day (2-2 day, three events) capacity building training to 4 Partner NGOs (PNGO) of Save the Children Nepal (SCN) on “Appreciative Inquiry”. The training was facilitated from September 14 to 19, 2019 at Narpani Resort, Narpani, Arghakhachi. Three PNGOs namely Kalika Development Center Nepal (KDCN); Pyuthan, Kalika Self Reliance Social Center (KSSC), Kapilvastu; SSDO, Kapilvastu and LIDO, Kapilvastu participated in the training.. From KDCN, there were a total of 29 participants; from KSSC, there were a total of 40 participants; from SSDO, there were a total of 27 participants; and from LIDO, there were a total of 10 participant in the training. The training was facilitated by the resource persons of AI namely Himmat Singh Lekali and Kiran Chalise, who have expertise on motivation skills, career development and overall appreciative inquiry.
The contents of the training were,
• Concept and practice of Appreciative Inquiry
• Joy of working modalities (AI)
• Career/professional development (CV development, presentation skill, telephone communication skills)
• Vision creation on future expectations
• What is sustainability?
• Indicators f sustainability
• Individual career plan
• Motivation skills