Work Experiences

  1. Study to identify the support mechanisms and legal, policy and regulatory framework, including possible contribution of the social protection system, to assist the affected people before, during and after a disaster, IFRC/DRC
  2. Results-based Management and Reporting Training to IPGBVPR (March 29-April 5, 2021),The World Bank
  3. 3-Day Strategic Plan Workshop, FNB Nepal
  4. 5-Day Training on Project Cycle Management and Reporting, FNB Nepal
  5. Final Evaluation Report of the Project Saksham Maheela: Empowerment of Women with Disabilities in Nepal, NDWA supported by CBM
  6. Strategic Plan of 3 CBOs of WOREC, WOREC
  7. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) Guidelines Preparation, JuRI Nepal
  8. 4-day Training on Proposal & Report Writing, Adhyeta International for Women’s Committee Member of Pasang Lamhu Women’s Committee, Solukhumbu (2 times)
  9. 5-Day Training on Appreciative Inquiry and Project Sustainability, Save the Children
  10. 5-day Training on Social Accountability and Project Sustainability, Ipas Nepal
  11. 4-Day Course on Development Grant Proposal and Report Writing for development professionals, Kathmandu, AI
  12. Final evaluation of CSA/SECO Project, ECPAT Luxemburg
  13. 6-day Training on SIP and Child Protection, Radhakrishna Tharu Janasewa Kendra, Gulariya, Nepal
  14. One day Workshop on “ 5-Year Strategic plan of Jugal Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd”, Jugal Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
  15. 4-day Training on Child Protection, Radhakrishna Tharu Janasewa Kendra, Gulariya, Nepal
  16. 5-Day Study Visit on “ Soil Conservation and Hill Soil Management” of the delegates of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh in Nepal
  17. Rapporteur for Internal Exist Workshop of CCDRR program , Save the Children
  18. Final Evaluation of the projects of Governance Facility, Governance Facility
  19. 3-Day Training of Trainers on Localizing SDG, Thailand
  20. 3-Day Workshop on Project Management, Ipas Nepal
  21. Eco-Tourism Concept Development for Panchthar Ditrict, Nepal (Adopted by Phidim Municipality, Panchthar, Nepal).
  22. 5-Day International Course on RBM and PPD, Pokhara, AI
  23. 4-Day Course on Development Grant Proposal and Report Writing for development professionals, Kathmandu, AI
  24. 7-day SPSS and STATA Training for professionals/practitioners, Kathmandu, AI
  25. 7-Day Package training for development practitioners/professionals, IPGBVPR, Women’s Commission
  26. Mid-Term Evaluation of Strengthening Women’s Participation Especially from Marginalized Communities in Local Governance, Decision Making, Elections and Politics (SMARCO), Jagaran Nepal/ Governance Facility.
  27. Training on “Social Accountability Tools” for Local Youth Clubs, Hamro Sikshya, GoGo Foundation/European Union.
  28. A Study on CSOs Contribution in Development of Nepal, SAP Nepal/FHI 360.
  29. Curriculum Development for SA tools (Social Audit, Budget Tracking, Community Score Card, Complaint Redressal Mechanism) in School”, GoGo Foundation/European Union.
  30. Final Evaluation of Oxfam’s Women Leadership Program, Oxfam Nepal
  31. Final evaluation of “Climate Change and Its Impact on Women”, Jagaran Nepal.
  32. Mid-Evaluation of Local Rights Program (LRP 30) of Action Aid Nepal.
  33. Effectiveness Review on Disaster Risk Management and Humanitarian Preparedness Project, Oxfam GB (Led by Kiran Chalise).
  34. An Exploratory Research on Situation of Child Labour, UEMS
  35. Baseline Study of KPDR, Together for Nepal
  36. Final M & E of WASH Scheme in Dang, Fund Board
  37. Evaluation of UNICEF and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Child Centered Approach for UNICEF Nepal and Philippines Country Office Nepal, Country Researcher, Kiran Chalise
  38. Research on GBV Related to Child Protection, World Vision International
  39. Research on Women’s Working Condition in Informal Entertainment Sector, Raksya Nepal.