3-Day International Training of Trainers “Localizing Integrated Action on the Sustainable Development Goals” Concludes

Adhyeta International, Nepal in collaboration with Systainability Asia, Thailand and Yunus Center AIT, Thailand has successfully conducted a 3-day International Training of Trainers “Localizing Integrated Action on the Sustainable Development Goals” in Chaingmai, Thailand. The ToT was conducted from November 19 to 21, 2018. All 27 participants from Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chaina, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and USA have been graduated to be the trainers of SDGs in the respective countries.

The ToT was facilitated by Robert Steele, Director, Systainability Asia, Thailand with the support of the resource persons from Adhyeta International, Nepal and Yunus Center AIT , Thailand.

The ToT is scheduled to be conducted in Bangladesh in 2019.

Adhyeta International would like to congratulate all the participants from different 13 countries and would like to thank the collaborating partners for the effective collaboration in the mission of to ensure the goals of SDG.


You will find the Power Point presentations for each of the 3 days located here on the Google Drive for your download. Go to this Link.  In regards to the Sustainability Accelerator Network’s “Accelerator Lite”license (that is free), which gives you access to manuals on Compass, Pyramid and AMOEBA, as well as accompanying basic ppt slides for each, please visit the Sustainability Accelerator Network website and agree to the terms and conditions for use. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link to download the manuals and ppt slides for the Accelerator tools.

As I think you all know, it is very important to us to get your feedback on the training so that we can know what worked and what didn’t and can do a better job in the future to improve those things that we need to and maintain at the high level the things that worked. Therefore, I would like to request that you help us by taking about 5-8 minutes to fill out the Training Workshop Participant Evaluation Form.  This is an online Survey Monkey link. Please take time to fill it out. Thanks so much!

WE have also set up a photo folder in the Google Drive, which you all have access to at this Photo Link. Please fill free to download and upload your own photos.