Call for Enlistment in Consultant Roster

Adhyeta International is a Nepali-owned multidisciplinary research and development consulting service provider operational since 2018. The firm provides development services to the Government of Nepal, development partners, academic institutions, projects and programs to help them achieve their objectives through our support in research, planning, management, /monitoring/evaluations and policy promotion works. We have two different units Program and Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) focusing on thematic areas such as health, education, agriculture, research, monitoring & evaluation, public and local governance, project management, organizational management, human resource, WASH & environment, rural development, income generation, procurement, SDG, social accountability, disaster management, finance, entrepreneurship etc. See details in

The overall objective of this call for enlistment in consultant roster is to place qualified individual consultants in AI roster for the next 3 years in order to expedite hiring processes for our forthcoming assignments and projects.

We invite enlistment of mid and senior level consultants in the following areas of expertise:

1 Tourism
2 Education Expert
3 Peace Building & Conflict Management
4 Urban Planning/Planning
5 Early Child Development Expert
6 Sociologist/ Anthropologist /Socio-economist
7 Climate Resilient Community Infrastructure
8 Child Protection expert
9 Monitoring and Evaluation Expert
10 Disaster Management
11 Women and Girls Empowerment
12 Climate Change and Adaptation
13 Procurement
14 Gender Based Violence (GBV)
15 Renewable Energy
18 Natural Resource Management
19 Solid and Waste Management
20 Livelihood & Poverty
21 Sexual and Reproductive Health
22 Public Health and Pandemic Management
23 Governance and Local Level Planning
24 Engineering Geologist /Geotechnical Expert
25 Transport Economist
26 Nutrition
27 Statistician and Data Analyst
28 Management of Information System (MIS)
29 Nepali /English Translation
30 Trainer/Facilitator on thematic areas
31 Knowledge Management and Documentation Expert
32 Research, Survey and Database Management
33 Economist

Qualification and experience required:
Educated to Degree level in any discipline relevant to the area of expertise.

Year of Experience: Candidates with prior experience of consultancy services or 2 years or more will be preferred.

Please email your updated CV to : [email protected]

Deadline: June 15, 2020

Application: Please quote the sector from the above list for areas of your expertise and interest.